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Vakarų Lietuva

The Vakarų Lietuva – an informative, entertaining and advertising supplement which is every week published and distributed together with seven regional newspaper of the Western Lithuania: “Banga” (Klaipėda region), “Pajūrio naujienos” (Kretinga region), Telšių ŽINIOS” (Telšiai region), “Plungė” (Plungė region), “Mūsų žodis” (Skuodas region), “Pamarys” (Šilutė region), “Santarvė” (Mažeikiai region).
The readers are provided with the possibility to acquaint themselves with the topicalities of the regions, colourful personalities, as well as to find useful information on gardening, household, health, also to figure out the goods and services offered as well as requested by the closest neighbours.
Headings of the supplement: “Mūsų namai” (Our Home), “Sode ir darže” (In the Garden), “Lankytinos vietos” (Places of Interest), “Pomėgis” (Hobby), “Vardai ir veidai“ (Names and Faces), “Ūkininko užrašai” (Farmer’s Records) and other.