„Pagreitis“ – a supplement designated for the young people and is published by young journalists of „Santarvė“. One can find catchy publications on colourful and ambitious peers having achieved great success under the heading „Vienas iš mūsų“ (One of us). The „Naujienų lenta“ (Bulletin board) provides information on the events at schools and non-governmental youth organizations held monthly.
School problems and interaction difficulties are being dealt with under the heading „Smūgis iš kempinės“ (Hit with a sponge).
As all young people are interested in colourful personalities, art and sport stars, politicians the „Svajonių interviu“ (Dream interview) heading has been designed.
They say that wise is the one who learns from others’ mistakes. Different stories are being shared and challenging youth experiences disclosed under the heading “Mažos mūsų išpažintys” (Our small confessions).
Under the heading called “Kai tėvai nemato” (While parents do not see) one can find pieces on leisure time, recreational activities, hobbies and different movements.
Specialists cover the latest fashions, help with the nutritional, physical fitness issues under the heading “Veidrodėli veidrodėli…” (Mirror mirror).
The answers to the problems, which young people find it difficult to solve are being provided by pedagogues, psychologists, physicians, sociologists and other specialists.
The heading “Mūsų nuomonė” (Our opinion) includes students’ questionnaires.
The headings “Pažink save” (Self-actualization) and “Orlaidė” (Air vent) – offer the young people tests, assignments and world sights.

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