Plius Ketvirtadienis

The manner of life – more and more about business, less and less about a human being. We do agree that work and household are essential and integral components of our daily routine; however, sometimes every person wishes to be raised above the ground, in order to see the colours of life never seen before, in order to revaluate the usual and every-day things from an absolutely different point of view.
The supplement tells about people the experience, knowledge, values, way of living of whose may seem to be interesting and useful to numerous readers.
Headings: “Iš arčiau” (A Closer Look), “Gyvenimo būdas” (Way of Living), “Tarp žmonių” (Among People), “Pažintis” (Acquaintance), “Vieno gyvenimo istorija” (A Story of One Life), “Pomėgis” (Hobby) and others.

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