Plius Sveikata

The supplement propagates healthy mode of living, describes diseases, their prophylaxis and treatment. It may also present new in medicine appearing in the market, methods of treatment, advices given by specialists.
Since the publication of its very first number the supplement has drawn the attention of readers: the dwellers of the region started sending their reciprocations, wishes, offering subjects to be covered, asking to answer concrete questions.
Headings of the supplement: “Namų vaistinėlė” (Medicine Chest), “Ligos ABC” (ABC of a Desease), “Profesija – medikas” (Profession – Doctor), “Psichinė sveikata (Mental Health), “Sveikata ir grožis” (Health and Beauty), “Verta žinoti “ (Worth to Know), “Padėk sau” (Help Yourself) and other.

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